Team Uniecho synthesizing our research.

Portugal Alumni


Portuguese Universities have traditionally been funded by the government and have suffered budget cuts due to the crisis. Outside of Portugal many universities have had great success in getting their alumni engaged and willing to donate for a variety of reasons.

We have researched Portuguese culture and existing successful Alumni Programs to understand what has worked elsewhere as inspiration and to understand Portugal culture to guide us on what might work in Portugal.

research methods for collecting data from targeted stakeholders
targeted stakeholders, highlighting how many we spoke with and how many hours we spent on each

Research Process


Spring semester we immersed ourselves in the alumni culture both inside and outside of Portugal. After collecting and analyzing the data of 93 people consisting of Alumni, Students, Professors, Experts, Alumni Associations, and Student Unions we came to several key insights.

secondary research

To get the "lay of the land" we started with secondary research, including reading online papers, creating an exploratory stakeholder map to understand everyone in the Alumni Eco-system, as well as speaking to Alumni Experts to help guide our research focus.

collect data

We then used multiple research methods to tease out information from our target stakeholders. As seen to the left. We even created a category of our own which we called "Reaction Probes". Please read the report if you would like further details.

synthesize data

After the interviews we held an interpretation session to capture all of the data into affinity notes, actor maps, and empathy maps.

come to insights

After all the data was collected, we made affinity notes from all of our top level affinity notes and created more notes from our insights off from the models. We then created a large affinity where we clustered and prioritized the data to come to our final 7 insights.