We are Uniecho “One Voice Reverberated”

Uniecho is a team and a vision

We have a Unified team and strive to Unify the alumni population around their University. Our voice and vision will be echoed from alumni to alumni, from university to university. We strive to create an impact that will last long beyond our voice, through others echo’s.

Boram Han

Design Lead and UX Research Lead

I am a programmer-designer-hybrid striving to create pleasant experiences in products and services.
As a workaholic-in-denial, I like to cook, do photography, and play football (soccer).

Harper LaFave

Project Manager and Interaction Design Lead

I am an aspiring entrepreneur who is looking to start a business from a design perspective.
I am passionate about the dancing, entertainment, and gaming space.

Ines Goncalves

Project Manager and User Research Lead

I love people, to discover them and provide them with remarkable experiences.
What wakes me up everyday is to know that there are challenges to solve, where I can use all my creativity to make a difference!

Miguel Pinto

Tech Lead


To dream is easy! Having the will to make dreams come true requires determination. It is this will that drives my passion about prototyping, game design, entertainment, photography and Poetry.